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Alan Allinger

Story Teller

About Alan


Alan Allinger debuted his first book in April of 2020. Though he has been telling stories his entire life, the medium has been different up to this point. His first love was theater, and has worked in the entertainment industry as a prop maker for nearly 40 years. From Oscar winners, to Sci-Fi hits, to shows from the Shondaland empire, chances are Alan's work has shaped some of your favorite visual stories.

Alan has always been a voracious reader and was known to bring books even on dates, something his now-wife of 29 years squashed quickly. After a lifetime of absorbing literature, he began scribbling down his own. Rooted in his love of fantasy, his debut anthology  of short stories is available now. Alan lives in Dallas, TX with his wife Mary and has three daughters: Nola, Ema and Jane. Since each daughter is lovelier than the next, he  has never been able to play favorites.


About Alan
"his engrossing collection is charming in the true sense of the word; offering everyday magicking both gritty and surreal..."



"Captured Within Waking Moments is a joy from start to finish. I've read most of these stories numerous times and each rereading still fills me with a sense of comfort and quiet joy"





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