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On The Day We Fled

Updated: May 18, 2021

“You had better be aware that I’m not the only one they’re trying to trap here,” said the owl pensively. I remembered just now that her name was Colin. “I can outfly the net they’re maneuvering into place, but I don’t know if you can.”

“If you can teach me how to fly, I’ll go with you,” I offered. “Otherwise, I’ll have to take my chances on the ground." The owl regarded me for a moment, seemingly thinking hard.

"I’ve never taught a person to fly before,” she said at last. We could hear our pursuers now, calling back in forth like cats in the night. They were moving towards us far more quickly than I would have liked. I gave the big gray bird a grin.

“What could possibly go wrong?” I asked. Colin stared at me and gave a throaty owl’s chuckle, just short of a hooing sound.

“Why, only everything,” she said in a rare display of good humor. She shook out her wings and shifted from foot to foot, looking a little taller. Owls love to show that they're superior to the rest of us. “But... I’m game if you are.”

Wish us luck.

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1 commento

13 mag 2021

Brilliant moment!!! Post on the Mythic Cafe and delight many others! 😉

Mi piace
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